Monday, February 9, 2009


Our Peanut has another nickname--Spicy Kimchi. She fits this to a T!

EXAMPLE: She and I were playing cards a couple nights ago. Peanut is concentrating on her hand, or so it seems, when she says "Spicy Kimchi is in the house!" Picture a little body rocking, hair swinging, sassy voice... Then a whispered...."spicyyyyy"!!!!!!!!!


And she is still playing the game!

I was like where did that come from!?!

OK, I know she is 8. But we don't have cable tv, my kids watch PBS only, the only radio station on in our house is a Christian station, I am NOT a flashy, sassy Mama......SERIOUSLY.....where does this come from?! She is ONLY 8!

She said she made it up! She sounded like a hip hop DJ!!

I will need a big rock to climb under come the teenage years.

Better yet, to hide Spicy Kimchi under!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa in IL

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! We love you!

Papa showing his songbook from his parents!

Peanut is sharing her princess ornaments!

Bug got Cars ornaments!

Peanut has her Tinkerbell activity kit filled with markers, crayons, and more!

Bug got Mr Potato Head in Bears attire!

Christmas Eve II

Our spicy kimchi! Excited she got a box!!
Inside was a ballerina statue.

My boys!

Flying Monkeys--these are awesome fun! They are slingshots that screech as they fly through the air!! Bug can hardly wait for #3 to join in the fun!

My handsome man!