Monday, February 9, 2009


Our Peanut has another nickname--Spicy Kimchi. She fits this to a T!

EXAMPLE: She and I were playing cards a couple nights ago. Peanut is concentrating on her hand, or so it seems, when she says "Spicy Kimchi is in the house!" Picture a little body rocking, hair swinging, sassy voice... Then a whispered...."spicyyyyy"!!!!!!!!!


And she is still playing the game!

I was like where did that come from!?!

OK, I know she is 8. But we don't have cable tv, my kids watch PBS only, the only radio station on in our house is a Christian station, I am NOT a flashy, sassy Mama......SERIOUSLY.....where does this come from?! She is ONLY 8!

She said she made it up! She sounded like a hip hop DJ!!

I will need a big rock to climb under come the teenage years.

Better yet, to hide Spicy Kimchi under!!

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