Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Summer 2008--Plays & Cousin Visit

The Nativity by Peanut and Bug
Mary played by Peanut
Joseph played by Bug
Jesus played by a Doll

Peanut and Bug said their new sibling can play the Angel Gabriel when he comes home. My favorite part of their play was when Joseph was upset about Mary's news and announced he needed time to think. Bug played a very miffed Joseph who basically snubbed Mary, then nearly knocked her down when he ran to tell her the good news the day after his visit from Gabriel!!! Two very dramatic souls we have!!

The tenderness shown by Joseph to Jesus and Mary brings tears to my eyes and really depicts the way I imagine Joseph would have felt for his bride and newborn Son. I pray my son may keep that tender heart for a future wife and child and always cherish them as I imagine Joseph did.

We were blessed with a visit from my brother and his beautiful daughter in early August. The cousins have a wonderful time together. We had fun taking K to the pool and playing in the water!

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gitz said...

Megan... just popped over from the comment you left on my site. Your babes are BEAUTIFUL... you must feel so incredibly blessed.

Thanks so much for leaving the comment; I'm glad you did... it's nice to get to know the people I'm writing for. :)

Hope you had a great day...