Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Summer 2008--Snakes & Friends

Peanut, Bug and I were helped by our dear friends to travel to IL for a visit in July. My friend L has a beautiful daughter adopted from China and our kids have always been very close. This picture shows Z's treehouse and zipline that the kids had a blast playing on.

The girls have been like sisters and truly cherish the time they spend together. Even though it had been 2 years since we had been able to see them, it was like no time had passed. Bug was the only one who didn't cry when we left.

One day Bug came to the window and asked if garter snakes were poisonous. I said no. He left and came back a few seconds later asking if garter snakes ate people. Again, I said no. He returned once more a minute or so later and this is what I saw when I looked.........

Note how much room the snake at to reach out and bite my son. As I was relaying this conversation to Papa, he asked if I had shown them how to hold the snake properly. There was a lot of eye rolling on my part as I assured him I managed not to scream. He got the same response when he asked if we had fed any of the frogs they had been catching to the snake. What a homeschool lesson that could have been! But alas, I failed that science class!!

Peanut had to hold the snake for a picture too. Now she held the snake at a much longer arm length and got even closer to the tail, giving the snake even more room to reach out and bite someone!

Please note: No snake, frogs or Mama was hurt in the making of these memories. ;))

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